Manufactured Homeowners Insurance

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You’ve worked hard and created a cherished environment for yourself and your loved ones. Bright makes it easy to protect that investment with specifically designed mobile home insurance policies.

Comprehensive Coverage
Your home is your biggest single investment. Bright provides mobile homeowner insurance policies that include Stated Value coverage in the event of a total loss. That means you are compensated for the dollar amount listed on your policy, not a depreciated value. That eliminates an unwelcome surprise if the worst happens. Your policy can also include coverage for structures like sheds and unattached garages.

Partial Loss Protection
Most claims are for partial losses. Bright recommends policies that include Actual Cash Value for partial claims covered by the policy. Talk to us about the benefits of upgrading to Replacement Cost coverage.

Personal Property Protection
Your home is more than just the building. It’s also your treasured possessions, clothing, furniture, and small appliances. They can be damaged due to fire, burglary, vandalism or weather. Bright can add to your policy coverage for the Actual Cash Value of these items, or even the Replacement Cost.

Additional Living Expenses
Should your home become temporarily unlivable due to a covered loss, you need a place to stay, and meals and personal items to buy. Bright offers policies that have options to pay for these added expenses.

Personal Liability Protection
Accidents happen, and you can be held liable for any resulting bodily injury or property damage. Bright encourages our customers to add Personal Liability protection to their policy to provide for medical expenses or physical damage to another’s possessions.

Special Extras

Bright makes it easy to protect your investment.